‘The Consult Room’ is Launched.

The New Pet Podcast Hosted by Vet Dr Paul Manktelow

The latest pet podcast offering comes in the form of the ‘The Consult Room’ hosted by vet Dr Paul Manktelow. This exciting new fortnightly podcast is all about pets and people and each episode Dr Paul explores some of the most current affairs in the pet world, whether it be a modern twist on pet ownership or insight into the veterinary or pet health industries. 

Dr Paul uses his extensive experience as a vet, business leader and media presenter to take listeners on a journey of exploration into the world of pets and the people who share their lives with them.   

Paul says: 

‘The world of pets is fascinating and in my 20 years as a vet I’ve experienced so many rich insights and stories I really wanted to bring these to life. I’m really excited to cover a range of subjects I’m passionate about, so whether you’re a pet owner, a pet professional, or you just want to hear more about pets then please tune in!’ 

The Consult Room is available on a number of podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.