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Pets, People and Lifestyles

The human-animal bond is undeniable but how have we and our pets evolved to survive and thrive in the modern world. Join us as we explore the insights and stories about pets and the people who love them.


For your pets vitality and your peace of mind


Love, compassion and the human-animal bond


The evolution of pet ownership in the modern world

Is the UK Heading for a Dog Behaviour Crisis?

Since the pandemic began there have been a number of welfare reports that have suggested that up to 3 million of the nation’s dogs have developed problem behaviours. A particular concern are the rapidly increasing statistics around new dogs that were acquired during the UK lockdowns, the ‘pandemic puppies’ …


Why are Dogs Going Vegan?

Going vegan is the fastest growing lifestyle trend in the human world and there is mounting evidence that plant-based diets are healthier for us and better for the planet.  

It’s therefore unsurprising that dog owners are exploring meat-free options but I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the rise of vegan dog diets to understand the evidence behind them and to see if it stacks up against years of traditional meat based foods.

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