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Presenter, Writer,
Public Speaker

Paul Manktelow is a UK veterinary surgeon who has worked extensively in the media as TV, radio and podcast presenter, a public speaker and a writer. Follow Paul and his team to see what’s happening in the world of pets.


TV, radio and podcast presenter


Veterinary, pet health and leadership expertise online and in print

Public Speaker

Advocate and spokesperson for the veterinary and pet health industries

‘The Consult Room’ is Launched. The New Pet Podcast Hosted by Vet Dr Paul Manktelow

The latest pet podcast offering comes in the form of the ‘The Consult Room’ hosted by vet Dr Paul Manktelow. This exciting new fortnightly podcast is all about pets and people and each episode Dr Paul explores some of the most current affairs in the pet world, whether it be a modern twist on pet ownership or insight into the veterinary or pet health industries…


Dog Events: What you need to know…

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of dog friendly days out. From doggy festivals, organised dog walks to dog park parties, there are no end of events to choose from…

Whilst I absolutely love a dog event (and in fact you’ll see me at quite a few every year!)  before you head to one, check out my top tips on how to get the most from your day whilst keeping your dog safe, calm and relaxed.

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